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Spain immigration is always open for those people who live in for the period of minimum 3 years called EMPADRONAMIENTO process (domicile) or proof of adress certificate, issued by the local authorities, you must be able to understand and speake spanish language, its very easy to learn.The documents you needed its listed below.

1. Passport Valid,

2. EMPADRONAMIENTO Certificado (domicile certificate)get after 3 years from local authorities.

3. Police character Certificate make from Local police station and stamped from Islamabad ssp office then attest from foreign office and send to Spanish Embassy Islamabad then it will be attested with a fee of approx €30.

4. Job offer letter from any Spanish company, this company should be clear from Seguridad social and Renta declaration office every tax should be paid and company should be in plus €10,000 a year,

5. Consult the gestoria(accountant)will fill up application etc.

6. Submit all papers in Ministry and wait around 3 months max 6 month,

7. You will get favourable letter (pass ) give fingerprint for residence card.

8. After 40 days will get Spanish Residency card valid for 1 year,

9. Your tax must be paid minimum 6 months for renewal of your residency permit from 1 year to 2 years.

10. Average tax cost approx 400 to 450 € per month.

11. This card has equal rights as Spanish Passport,

12. Visit Family Pakistan and has right to Send visa for family to join you in Spain.

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