How to move to the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC! // Visas, Residency, Driving in the DR as an expat!

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I have been asked many times about Dominican visas, residency, how to work in the dominican republic, driving, and more, so today’s video covers all of that! I talk about how I live in the dominican republic, overstay fees, residency process, citizenship, and how to drive legally. All very important parts on american expat life! I tried to give you guys as much detail as I could, while hopefully not making you fall asleep in the process lol.
Moving abroad or overseas can often be extremely overwhelming, but i hope this helps to outline a little bit more of the process. Luckily, it is pretty easy to live as an expat in the dominican republic with your tourist visa. If you have any questions at all about expat life, visas, residency, or how to live and work in the dominican republic, please comment below!
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If this is the first video of mine you’re watching: Hi! My name is Mills and I moved from New York to the Dominican Republic in July 2017! I just started this channel to document my experiences living abroad and as an American, female expat overseas, and would love for you to subscribe to follow my journey! I started out in Jarabacoa, and currently live in Santiago de Los Caballeros!

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