Saint Lucia Citizenship by Investment Programme

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Are you concerned by instability, polarized politics, and uncertainty?

It may be time to invest in an alternative nationality in Saint Lucia.

In return for investment into their economy,

Saint Lucia’s alternative citizenship provides you with

Global mobility
Financial security
Economic opportunities, and
Citizenship for life

Take control of your future with Saint Lucia’s alternative nationality.


CS Global Partners is the world’s leading government advisory and marketing firm, specialising in residency and citizenship by investment solutions. We work closely with governments to increase their foreign direct investment, and advise professionals on the best citizenship and residency programmes for their clients. We also work closely with our network of professional advisors, guiding them to find the best solution for their private clients. Since the company was established in 2012, our ethos always been to find a win-win solution for all our stakeholders.

Founded in London by Micha-Rose Emmett, a dual-qualified lawyer and entrepreneur with unrivalled acumen and experience in the investment immigration industry, the company continues to lead the conversation in global citizenship.

Headquartered in the heart of London, with offices across the Middle East, Africa and Asia, CS Global Partners comprises of a passionate team of reputable specialists and lawyers. Our legal specialists provide expert advice to governments and advisors looking, and our marketing department promotes the CBI Programmes that governments have trusted us with.

We can help you with your queries and advise you on which option is the best for you and your family. To get a free consultation contact us at


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