What is the Minimum Investment Required for E-2 Visa?

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What is the minimum Investment for E-2 visa approval? We have seen approvals for as low as $35,000 USD, however this number is an anomaly. The question is how did that person obtain an approval for their E-2 visa with such a low amount when others have been be denied for higher amounts?

The E-2 visa is more ambiguous than other visas in that is does not state exactly what the minimum investment amount actually is to qualify. Each application is looked at on a case by case basis.

But what did this person with the lower investment amount do that other higher investment E-2 applicants did not?

Well in order to have a lower investment application looked upon favorably you need to have a very strong business plan. Immigration officials will need to see exactly what your plan is in order for your business to grow and provide economic benefit to the United States over the coming years.

This economic benefit can be in the form of your business hiring employees, vendor relationships and purchases, and any other activity that provides quantifiable economic benefit to the USA. If your business plan indicates strong profits however only shows you putting most of the money in your own pocket that is not a good business plan for the E-2 visa.

In the case of lower E-2 investments it is highly likely your application will be viewed with greater scrutiny vs a higher investment of $100,000+ or more. If you have less than $100,000 your business plan must be be highly compelling to obtain a favorable result.

So while a lower investment is possible with the E-2 it is not ideal.

Our suggestion in cases with lower budgets for E-2 is to align with an established franchise that has a proven business plan and an established history of success. While brick and mortar franchises like food or retail storefronts are usually not a good option for applicants with under $250,000, service based franchises like painting, construction, property management or consulting can be a good match depending on your situation.

Our company Franchise.city matches prospective E-2 applicants with established USA franchise brands. we work with hundreds of well known franchises that are suitable for the E-2, and will work with E-2 candidates. If you would like to learn more about our service click the link on or around this video or visit us at


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