How long does citizenship by naturalization take?

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How long will it take to get your second passport? If you are choosing citizenship by naturalization where you “sit back and relax” for a few years, the answer is “it depends”.

Countries like Panama, Paraguay, the Dominican Republic, and Uruguay have often been promoted as “easy passports” by bloggers and attorneys looking for clients. However, these countries have often failed to grant citizenship in the amount of time prescribed under law.

As Andrew explains, any country can make a law but not follow it. Also, any country can change its law at any time. That means that even if Panama, for instance, claims you can get second citizenship after five years, they don’t actually have to grant it. That five years is merely how long you must wait to APPLY.

Two of Andrew’s acquaintances experienced this first-hand while getting Spanish citizenship. What was supposed to take two years ended up taking six years due to bureaucracy. Crazy!

Before you get second residency in a country to start the clock ticking on a second passport, understand the real timelines there, not just what’s written in the law. To do that, you will need an unbiased expert who really knows what’s going on.

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