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I have been a South African permanent resident for about a year now and this permit comes with a lot of perks and benefits that you otherwise would not have access to as a temporary resident. The most common benefit being that you are considered a smaller risk to lenders and insurance companies. As a consequence, you get access to loans, mortgages and various other services that are not available to non-South Africans. The following are various types of permanent residence permits that are available in South Africa. The one I applied for is called a Critical Skills Permanent Residence Permit which I wrote in great detail about here :

The 7 ways you can get South African Permanent Residency are as follows:

00:00 – Intro
02:04 – The rich people permit (financially independent permit)
02:36 – Retirement Permit
03:07 – Relatives Permit
03:54 – Spousal Permit
04:33 – Life-Partner Permit
05:00 – Business Permit
06:15 – The Work Permit

You can find the list of critical skills on page 12 of this gazette (couldn’t fit them here) –

In my opinion, the easiest way and fastest way to get permanent residence in south africa is to study a critical skill at a South Africa institution and you wont even need any form of work experience to get permanent residence… There is a high demand for critical skills in South Africa so with a bit of work there is a good chance you will find a good company to work for that is also willing to help you with the immigration hurdles you will face as you try to move to SA. As for which degrees to study, well there is quite a wide variety of them. Pretty much any engineering, built-environment, or IT degree will do. Most science degrees will also do. There a few commerce degrees you can study that can qualify you for this degree and unfortunately, I haven’t come across an arts or law related degree that can qualify you…but then again I don’t have much exposure there so let me know in the comments if you know of any.

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