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Guest: Austin Yeh, Real Estate Investor

At 24 years of age, Austin has used his unique investment strategy to grow his real estate portfolio to over 7 properties. He began in September 2018 starting with an initial investment of $50,000, with holdings in Windsor and Toronto and now has over $2mil assets under management, generating over $125,000 in yearly revenue.

Austin started exploring the world of real estate investing after reading the classic book, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. At the age of 23, he purchased his first property in Windsor, Ontario without having the right systems, teams, knowledge, or education in place.

Putting his entire life savings in the investment, as well as borrowing money from his mother, father, and girlfriend, made Austin’s first real estate investment an extremely stressful experience.

Although the deal was still profitable, Austin learned from the mistakes he made in his first investment and decided to spend hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars building his real estate IQ with the help of some of the most respected Canadian real estate investors.

Fast forward and Austin has spoken in front of an audience of over 300 investors at one of the largest real estate conferences in Ontario and has founded the RISE Network which has grown to over 300 members and has attracted over 70+ attendees in the monthly events.

In this episode learn about:
– Managing properties from out of town
– Organizing the renovation processes
– Hiring people and building a team
– 7 Degrees of Why
– Structuring Joint Venture Partnerships

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