Citizenship by Investment in 2021 and 10 countries offering a second passport

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Find out the ten most popular and trusted Citizenship by Investment programmes that work in 2021. Get second citizenship in just a couple of months and have the new passport sent directly to you by post. What are the most affordable countries and options for citizenship by investment?

And for the biggest sceptics out there, I’ll tell you what one of the most
powerful and influential countries in the world are ready to offer you citizenship by investment right now.

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0:00 Why do we need a second passport?
2:33 Who is Mr Sander?
3:00 Apex Capital Partners
3:22 Montenegro
4:34 Maltese citizenship by investment or MEIN
5:54 A more affordable option — Turkish citizenship
6:28 Citizenship of Grenada
7:26 Second citizenship of St Kitts and Nevis
8:59 Citizenship of the Commonwealth of Dominica
9:50 Сitizenship of Saint Lucia
10:59 Citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda
12:06 European Union citizenship of Bulgaria
13:08 United Kingdom Citizenship
14:10 Any more questions?

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