Spain: 'Citizen Patrols' target thieves on Barcelona's metro

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A large group of local residents took it upon themselves to create a ‘Citizen Patrol’ to fight rising crime rates on Barcelona’s metro, as footage taken on Friday shows.

Citizen patrols are not new to Barcelona, but given the current rise of pickpocketing crimes, around 40 people orgenised themselves through WhatsApp and different social media channels to hit the metro and warn tourists about thefts in order to prevent them from happening.

“Well, we only act on the metro. I’ve been alone for two years and this year I have a patrol and it’s all because of the rise of thefts,” said Eliana, a member of the Citizen Patrol.

The Citizen Patrol operates at the same time as other organisations created by the neighbourhood initiative ROAR (Residents Organisation Against Robbery). Both organisations have been accused of racial profiling while targetting and calling out pickpockets.

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