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Our Partner Kaan Beylen is providing the 10 Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program. Acquisition of Turkish Passport is an experience that serves the applicants in various aspects.

00:00 – Intro
00:13 – Today’s Items of Luxury
00:52 – Ten Benefits of Turkish Citizenship by Investment Program
01:01 – 1. Not a Donation but a Real Investment.
02:41 – 2. New Names and Surnames.
03:23 – 3. Multiple Passport Holders are Welcomed
04:00 – 4. An Eternal Gift to Your Family
05:09 – 5. 106 Visa-Free/Visa-on-Arrival Countries
06:07 – 6. Global Protection via 229 Diplomatic Missions Worldwide.
07:00 – 7. Settle a New Life in USA and UK
08:32 – 8. Complete Privacy for Applicants.
09:04 – 9. Not Tax on Foreign Income and Wealth
09:41 – 10. Get your ID Cards and Passports Remotely.
10:20 – Ending

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Hotel on Sale for €7,500,000:
Turkish Citizenship by Investment in a Nutshell:

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