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The Pakistani passport (Urdu: پاکستانی پاسپورٹ‬‎) is issued to citizens of Pakistan for the purpose of international travel. The Directorate General of Immigration & Passports of the Ministry of Interior is responsible for issuing passports. Pakistani passport holders are eligible to visit 32 countries without a visa, or with visa on arrival.
The passports are printed by the governmental agency DGIP. The Passport Act, 1974 and Passport and Visa Manual 1974 regulate the issuance of passports. There are three types of passports being issued in Pakistan
1. Diplomatic Passport
2. Official Passport
3. Ordinary Passport
A special Hajj passport was formerly issued to those making a hajj pilgrimage to Mecca, Saudi Arabia. They are however no longer issued, as ordinary passports may be utilized for the Hajj pilgrimage.

For Minors (Less than 18 Years):
The following documents are pre-requisite for issuance of passport to minors below 18 years:-
Color scanned copies of valid NICOP or Smart card (both sides) or Computerized B- Form or Family Registration Certificate
Color scanned copies of mother and father valid National ID Cards (both sides)
Guardianship certificate/ court decision in case of separation.
Color scanned copy of minor’s attestation form ( available in the download tab).
Color scanned copy of Death Certificate if mother or father has passed away.
Color scanned copy of Valid Visa/ Aqama/ Residence Permit/ Asylum card/ Other Nationality Passport

Government Employees:
If the applicant is an employee of the Government of Pakistan , the following documents will be required:-
Color scanned copies of valid CNIC or NICOP or Smart CNIC or NICOP both sides
Applicant must provide No-Objection Certificate (NOC) in case he/ she is working as Government Officer/ Official, Armed forces Officers/ or employee of employee of Semi Government/ Autonomous Bodies/ Corporation. The NOC with be subject to confirmation/ verification by the department concerned.
Color scanned copies of existing Passport (First two pages and one random page asked by system).
Color scanned copy of Valid Visa/ Aqama/ Residence Permit/ Asylum card/ Other Nationality Passport.
Online portal is only for renewal of Machine Readable Passport.

Message for General Public/Applicants : Please note that only Ten applications can be processed through one credit card.

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