AIIA Webinar #1 – An organization for the EB-5 Immigrant Investor community

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The American Immigrant Investor Alliance (AIIA) held its first webinar on June 12, 2021, introducing itself to the world. The webinar discussed the mission and objectives of the organization, addressed the June 30 sunset of the EB-5 program, and discussed the way forward to achieve a holistic reform of the EB-5 program. Check out our website

00:00 Webinar Start
0:20 Board Member Mick
01:58 Foundation of AIIA
02:46 Board Member Shawn
03:57 Webinar Agenda
04:33 AIIA’s Mission
06:36 The Problem
07:13 The Solution
07:40 Our Objectives
09:55 Board Member Ishaan
10:12 AIIA Priorities
11:42 Why Us
12:40 Board Member Rajvir
13:02 June 30th Program Sunset
14:05 If Program does not get extended
17:49 EB-5 Industry Proposals
19:02 Crossroads Campaign
31:28 Member Akanksha
32:40 What We Need From You
37:33 Milestones
38:40 Conclusion
43:44 Q&A – House vs Senate
47:45 Q&A – Chinese EB-5 Investors
50:53 Q&A – EB-5 Industry Needs To Engage With AIIA


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