Spanish Passport photo specifications and Visa Photos for Spain taken in Paddington

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At Reload Internet in Paddington London, we can take your Spanish Passport Photo or Spanish Visa Photo for you in our store.

Our fantastic staff will produce a passport photo which meets all necessary Spanish guidelines and we charge £9.99 for 6 photos.

At Reload Internet, our Staff are FULLY trained to handle the unique size requirements for passport and visa photos for spain and Reload internet uses the latest camera and printing equipment to create the fastest most efficient passport photo service in London.

Our early and LATE opening times in London really make getting your spanish passport photos snapped and printed – extra convenient.

The European Union and Spain in particular have very exacting standards and Reload Internet’s specialist staff will always ensure that your passport photo meets these standards as per the E U

Guidelines for Spanish Passport Photos.
Always remember that the colour of background MUST BE Light Grey or a Cream Background – NOT WHITE and the required size of a Spanish passport photo must be 3.5 cm BY 4.5 cm and your face in the picture must take up around 70 to 80% of the total photo OR your Spanish passport photo will be declined.
Reload Internet is able to take Passport photos for any country in the World and we really know our stuff when it comes to taking your Spanish Passport Photo … We can even supply you with a Digital Version of your Spanish Passport photo if you wish.

We look forward to welcoming you at Reload Internet… We are located directly opposite Paddington Station and the London Hilton Paddington.

DO NOT take a chance with your Spanish Passport photo…. Use Reload Internet in Paddington


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