Cyprus Lowest Tax in Europe for Digital Nomads & Investors

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Today we are going to talk about possibly the Lowest Tax Option in Europe for Digital Nomads, Location-independent workers, the option is also good Investors and Business Owners.

Which place are we talking about? Cyprus!

On this channel, we are trying to cover the lowest tax options in Europe, as well as around the world. We will talk about Malaysia, Thailand, Panama, Paraguay, etc. We’ve already talked about some good tax options in Malta, Slovenia, Romania, Portugal, and UAE.

Today there are many people who are location independent workers – freelancers, digital nomads, online business owners, etc. For these people, who are actively making income Cyprus Non-Domicile Program might be an amazing fit.

Like we mentioned in one of our previous videos, you can be a resident without being a domicile. This means that you live in the country but you are not a citizen of that country (you don’t have a passport).

In Cyprus, this program is granted to you for a period of 17 years. This is longest than most other programs that the EU offer.

What do you need in order to qualify?
1. You’d need to spend 60 days out of the year in Cyprus, which is great.
2. You can’t spend more than 183 days in another country, and you can’t be a tax resident in another country.
3. You need to either maintain the place that you rent full time in Cyprus, or you have to own a place locally.
4. You have to have a company or an employment contract.

*We are going to do a video about this residency program in the future, where we’ll be explaining step by step how to qualify.*

What are the benefits of the Cyprus non-domicile residency program?

-NO TAX on Dividends (you can receive them from local or foreign company tax-free)
-Capital Gains and Interest are both TAX Exempt
-Possibility of having TAX Exemption on your SALARY from a foreign employer (not many countries will offer something like this)
-No inheritance or Wealth tax

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Author: Michael Rosmer

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