E2 Visa Via Grenada Citizenship by Investment

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This video highlights an E2 Visa option for nationals of countries that do not have an E2 treaty with the US.

If your country does not have an E2 Visa treaty with the US, you could still get an E2 after:
1. Obtaining Grenada Citizenship by Investment
2. Starting a Qualifying E2 Business in the US
3. Using your Grenada Citizenship to Obtain an E2 Visa

After you obtain the E2 Visa, you could renew/extend it indefinitely as long as you continue to meet the requirements!

This is a great route to the E2 Visa for Indian nationals, Chinese nationals and South African nationals whose countries do not have an E2 treaty with the US.

If you have any questions please reach out to a USA Business Immigration Lawyer.


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