The 5 Best Low Tax Countries to Set Up Your Company | Save Money Offshore Legally

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Where should you set up your company? In this session, we look at 5 places where you could set up a cheap offshore company online. First, we look at low tax countries for companies, including some of the lowest tax countries in Europe. Then we dive into how to open an offshore company there. Corporate tax rates are important but not the only factor. We leave all the components of setting up an offshore company explained so that you know how to set up an offshore company. All of this is above board, rather than using shady corporate tax loopholes, we show you how to legally avoid taxes, also known as corporate tax avoidance. This is how the rich pay less taxes. Some of the countries are pure tax havens, like Panama, while others are low tax jurisdictions such as the Isle of Man, Estonia, Cyprus and Georgia.

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00:00 – Intro
01:09 – Business Vs. Company
02:26 – Things to consider
04:13 – Our gift to you
05:47 – 5 Low Corporate Tax Countries
05:51 – Isle of Man
07:55 – Panama
10:33 – Estonia
13:32 – Cyprus
14:53 – Georgia

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