Tips to match into Family medicine CaRMS residency as International medical graduate Starmed MEP

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So proud of you Louisa, an gracious doctor from Cameroon who matched in her top choice Family Medicine in Saskatchewan her home province. Dr. Viban is an inspiration for any new mom who gives birth amidst the most difficult licensing exams in the world and matched in the shortest time possible with no gaps! We look forward to your immense success! Drs. Silverman have helped over half of licensed IMG (FMG and CSA) physicians in Canada JOIN OUR FREE GUIDE TO LICENSING IN CANADA-all links to all resources where you get all your questions answered for free
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We offer an unparalleled support for International Medical Graduates (IMGs) and Canadian medical students in reaching their dreams to become licensed medical professionals in Canada and USA. Learn for yourself why we are the number one residency advising firm in Canada!

Nous offrons un soutien inégalé aux diplômés internationaux en médecine (DIM) et aux étudiants en médecine canadiens dans la réalisation de leurs rêves de devenir des professionnels de la santé agréés au Canada et aux États-Unis. Découvrez par vous-même pourquoi nous sommes le premier cabinet de conseil en résidence au Canada!

Our advisers will help you create a glorious application that will clearly demonstrated your interest in your chosen field, showcase what makes you unique and turn your compliant application into a spectacular one!

Over the years we have helped CSA Australian, Irish, UK, Caribbean medical students and IMGs from different cultural backgrounds from: Iran, Egypt, Pakistan, India, Iraq, Romania, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Russia, Dubai, Belarus, Israel, Syria, Lebanon, China, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Nigeria, Malaysia, Libya, Afghanistan, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Alger, Tunis, Somalia, Eritrea, Guyana, Botswana, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Poland, Paraguay, Tanzania, Yemen, Serbia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, Albania, Ghana, Sudan, Montenegro, Ecuador, Uzbekistan, Bulgaria, Serbia, UK, Ireland, Trinidad Tobago, Djibuti, Philippines, Bahrein, Italy, Japan, Dominican Republic, Columbia, Honduras, Zambia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Venezuela, Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica, Mexico, Myanmar, Kenya, Congo, Nepal, Zimbabwe, Chile, Djibouti, Cameroon, Benin, Uganda, Haiti, St. Helena, and many other countries with their CARMS and NRMP application.

Our clients practice now medicine all around Canada in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec, and Saskatchewan and in many US states.
Complete application portfolio preparation, review and editing
Suggestions of areas you need to improve to be competitive
Customize your application for your chosen specialties
Strategies to increase the competitiveness of your application
Involve you in activities that will strengthen your application
CV review and editing (see CV page)
Reference letters review (see Statement and Reference page)
Personal statements review (see Personal statement page)
Exam score assessment and suggestions to improve them by taking one of our courses (MCCQE1, USMLE1,USMLE 2, NAC-OSCE, CE2, MCCQE2 and CSA)
​CASPer prep
Orientation to the Canadian licensing process
Workshops on Candian healthcare system, medical culture, and communication

Our advisers are highly skilled US and Canadian doctors and professors. What differentiates us and is part of our highest success rate in the advising field is that we do not only edit your application and prepare you for your interview but we offer you the opportunity to participate in 40 research projects in biomarker discover, mental health, aboriginal health, environment and health, women health, etc. , poster and abstract presentations at international and national conferences, organization of International Conferences “Models of Human Diseases”, and “Global Medical Education and Global Health for the 21st century”, disease awareness, administrative and leadership projects, committee and biomedical event organization, teaching and education programs. In this way you can enrich your application and receive praised references.


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