Advantages of Turkish Golden Visa Programme

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I will give you a couple of reasons now why to choose the Turkish programme. Let’s count the most important advantages of Turkish citizenship programme one by one.
Number 1- FAST-TRACK CITIZENSHIP: The Turkish investment passport offers one of the world’s fastest fast-track application processes. Obtain your Turkish passport in as little as 2 to 3 months.
Number 2- GAIN UK RESIDENCY: Gain UK residency by opening a business as a Turkish citizen under the Turkish Businessperson Visa Programme, inline with the Ankara agreement between the countries.
Number 3- SAFE AND DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY: Set your family up for a new life in a beautiful, foreigner friendly country. Turkey is home to nearly 1 million expats and over 50,000 international companies. All the Africa, Asia and Middle East regional offices of global companies are in Istanbul. The Turquoise Coast, and destinations such as Antalya, Alanya and Bodrum, in particular, has long been favourite travel destinations for international travellers and those seeking second homes in a Mediterranean climate.
Number 4- YOUR ULTIMATE PLAN B: Obtaining a second passport for you and your family is the ultimate hedge against socio-economic and political risks in your native country. It therefore is no surprise that investors from South Africa, China, Hong Kong, Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Lebanon and Ukraine are all leaping at the opportunity to invest in Turkey.
Number 5- NO MINIMUM STAY REQUIREMENTS: Unlike with many of the other European Golden Visa Programmes, Turkey does not enforce any annual minimum stay requirements, making it an excellent choice as a life back-up plan.
Number 6- NO WEALTH DECLARATION: There is no requirement to declare your foreign assets and income, in order to apply for Turkish citizenship by investment.
Number 7- VERY FEW TAXES: In addition to tremendous tax incentives, Turkish tax system is based on residence. Other than the incomes you earn in the country you are not taxed for your wealth overseas in Turkey.
Number 8- SHORT INVESTMENT REQUIREMENT: Unlike in many other second citizenship countries, Turkish investment properties only have to be held for a period of 3 years. After this reserve period, you can sell your property while still maintaining your citizenship for the rest of your lives.
Number 9- VISA FREE TRAVEL: The Turkish passport is widely rates as one of the Top 30 passports in the world, offering the bearer access to 148 countries around the world.
Number 10- TURKEY’S STRATEGIC LOCATION: Situated on the cusp of Europe and Asia, Turkey is an excellent location for setting up a satellite office, or for those doing business remotely with clients in Europe, Middle East, Asia or Africa.
Number 11- DUAL CITIZENSHIP IS RECOGNISED: Turkey recognises dual citizenship, so you don’t need to give up any benefits in your native country to become a Turkish citizen. You can even change your name while applying so that can bear a second identity passport in your pocket.
Number 12- NO MILITARY CONSCRIPTION: Recipients of Turkish citizenship by investment are exempt from participation in military service. Your children can pay for their military duty in the future, with very few fees.
Number 13- SUN-DRENCHED LIFESTYLE: Turkey enjoys a sunny, temperate climate all year round. Turkey is like a summer heaven. Many tourists visiting the country is describing it a heaven in the world.
Number 14- INVESTMENT FLEXIBILITY: Choose to buy a single piece of real estate, or compile a portfolio of residential and commercial properties to suit your needs. You can mix fixed capital investment with real estate as well. It’s totally up to you in the Turkish programme.
Number 15- MEDICAL CARE: Enjoy full free access to medical care for life, family members included. As the Coronavirus Pandemic has shown, Turkey has one of the best healthcare systems in the world with its public and private sectors.
Number 16- HIGH GROWTH POTENTIAL: Turkey’s consistent popularity as a travel destination supports above-average return on investment in terms of rental returns. In areas such as Antalya or Istanbul, for example, the right property purchase can also lead to significant capital growth.
Number 17- LEAVE A GLOBAL LEGACY: Turkish citizenship is transferrable to your children and their children. And after becoming a Turkish citizen, nobody can take your right from you in the future.
Number 18- POTENTIAL FUTURE EU ACCESS: While dialogue on this matter is still ongoing, Turkey obtaining visa-free travel rights to the EU in future cannot be ruled out. This would make obtaining an EU passport now, for an investment of only $250,0000, and excellent investment in your future global mobility.


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