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CBI (Citizenship by Investment) – Direct Passport by Investment – Antigua & Barbuda – Donation USD 1,00,000, Saint Lucia – Donation USD 1,00,000, St.Kitts & Nevis – USD 1,50,000, Dominica Republic – USD 1,00,000 , Grenada’s – 1,50,000, Vanuatu – 2,00,000. After investment applicant, spouse, children up to 30 years as well as parent and grandparent can also be included in the application. Citizenship/Passport within 3 months – travel more than 125 countries without visa including UK, all European countries, Singapore Russian, South American countries including Mexico and access/qualify for USA E-2 Visa after citizenship. For more information Crown Immigration UAE-Al khedmah Al Thahabi Management Consultancy. Mobile No: +971582264481, Landline: +97165694780, Email id:

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