Panel Discussion on Global Citizenship & Residency by Investment Programmes at IREX 2021

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On 13th March, Inga Wellings, Business Development Manager at CS Global Partners, speaks on a panel at the IREX Residency & Citizenship Conclave on Virtual Edition.

She represents the Dominica and St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment programmes and shares a comparative analysis of citizenship and residency-by-investment programmes.

00:00 Introduction
05:33 Why should Indian investors consider second citizenship with Greece?
09:15 Why should high net worth Indian investors chose Dominica for second citizenship?
12:44 What is the minimum threshold required for applying for citizenship at Dominica?
14:32 What is the main draw of the golden visa that Portugal offers?
17:05 Do you have to pass the Portuguese language test to obtain second citizenship?
18:03 What does Malta offer that makes it irresistible for Indian investors looking for second citizenship?
20:59 What is the minimum investment threshold required for permanent residency or citizenship with Malta?
26:30 What are the investment options in Canada?
32:53 How much time do you have to spend in Canada before you apply for the residency permit or citizenship?
34:19 For Indian looking to apply to the golden visa in Portugal, how long do they have to keep their investments and what are the opportunities in other areas of Portugal that now allow for investments
36:00 Q&A
59:08 Closing Statements


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