Portugal Residency Permit-TRC with Family Schengen visa 2019.

obtain portugal golden visa

Portugal Residence Permit for Employment purposes shall only be granted to third-country nationals who have a legal employment relation in Portugal and are registered in the Social Security System in Portugal. There are few steps in order to obtained temporary residence as such Legal entry declares, NIF Number (tax Identity), Accommodation confirmation letter, Registration of Company in Portugal, Social Security Number, Employment contract and taxes, SEF ENTRY (request for residency permit), Visiting SEF for fingerprints.More Information Crowncontact Crown Immigration UAE- Al Khedmah Al Thahabi Management Consultancy Mobile no: +971-582264481, Landline: +971-65694780, Email id: uae.cics@gmail.com ,Indian Helpline Number : +91-80-8801-8801 .

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