Residency application changes for IMGs and Caribbean applicants (ERAS application, interviews, PS)

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What will be the residency application changes in the coming USMLE residency match season for IMGs and Caribbean applicants? Our panel physicians, who are residents and fellows discuss the changes and how residency programs will evaluate the residency applicants. The residency application changes include the OET exam, virtual interviews for residency, the change in evaluation of ERAS CV and personal statement, changes in rotations with telerotations and much more.

How may the application review by residency programs differ this time around? In addition to the USMLE scores in Step 1 and Step 2 CK , year of graduation and so on, what may turn out to be important? Personal statement for residency? (more than usual)?
Relying more on the referrals or Letters of recommendations for residency application?
How will the programs likely look at tele-rotations?
What all should the foreign medical graduates or IMGs and Caribbean applicants focus on during tele rotations to get the most benefit for residency application review?
Will the letters of recommendations carry more importance in this USMLE match season?
What types of skills/experiences do residency programs look for/will look for now in the LOR?
Many students may not have been able to take Step 2 CS and will be taking OET exam. How is that likely to impact IMG residency chances?

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