How to get into residency| my journey, ERAS, applying & TIPS

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An in depth video on how I got into residency/ my road to residency (Pediatrics). I discuss my path of getting into residency, my experiences in medical school that led me here, as well as using ERAS and NRMP during application season. This is a much longer video than usual but I mentioned most of what I did throughout my journey and during application season to help me match effectively. Dr. Janelle Jackman also gives us insight on how to enhance your CV and tips for those who have already matched.

00:50 – What is residency?
01:23 – Why pediatrics? and How to choose your specialty
03:27 – What’s my background?
05:48 – What’s the match process like? ERAS Application, NRMP and ranking?
10:18 – Research Projects? How to get started
11:03 – Plans after Residency
12:06 – Should I go overseas / SGU? Being an IMG
13:25 – Last piece of advice
14:43 – Video Chat/ Q&A with Dr. Jackman (OB-gyn)
15:14 – What has the path been like for you?
16:00 – Different responsibilities as a PGY-1,2,3, chief
18:33 – How to boost up CV?
19:43 – How to stand out as a Medical student/Applicant?
21:22 – For those who matched: advice for starting residency (PGY-1)

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-Maame Hayfron


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