All you need to know about getting residency in Portugal

obtain portugal golden visa

If you are moving to Portugal and looking to buy and live in Portugal this is the video for you!

We spoke with the wonderful Tig James of British In Portugal who works alongside The British Embassy and British In Europe and is a font of knowledge for all things residency related (especially for those who will be affected by Brexit).

Today we answered lots of questions from you about how to apply for residency in Portugal, the process you need to go through, what documents you need and which order to apply for everything in, from NIF number, residency, medical care, and driving licences.

We will be having another interview to help those affected by Brexit when we know the outcome of the negotiations regarding residency and freedom of movement for the British moving to Portugal as soon as the information is released to help those of you moving over post Brexit.

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If anyone wishes for advice on the Withdrawal Agreement on which they intend to rely they should consult a practicing lawyer.

British in Portugal is a campaigning group and neither they nor Tig James is in a position to give legal advice. Pure Portugal and British in Portugal are unable to accept liability for any loss or damage sustained directly or indirectly as a consequence of any statement or omission in this or any explanations.


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