NEW Residence Card for BRITISH CITIZENS in Spain: Residency in Spain after BREXIT

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In this video we explain the latest immigration news that affects UK citizens in Spain. A new residency card for British citizens and their relatives has been created, and they have until December 2020 to get it or to transform your current permit into this new one! So this is how the residency in Spain after Brexit will look like.

So anyone from the UK who:
-Currently has a green card/long-run residency card
-Would like to start living in Spain
-Is non-EU citizen but relative (spouse) of a UK citizen and has or wants to have their residence permit in Spain
This video is for you, things are much easier now (and they will become much more complicated from 2021 onwards)!

If you want to know who can apply for this new residence card, the requirements, and the procedure to get it, you cannot miss this video.

For more specific information, you can always access our complete guide:

At Balcells Group we can help you with your new residence card. You just have to send us an email to and we will take care of everything!

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