How to Move to Portugal? (EU and Non-EU Citizens)

obtain portugal golden visa

In this video we will discuss how to immigrate to Portugal. This will cover how to live in Portugal as an EU citizen but also to obtain the following types of residence permit (for non-EU citizens)
D2 Visa
D7 Visa
Work Permit (Residence for Working Purposes) (D1 Visa)
Student Visa and Residence Permit
Portugal Golden Visa

EU citizens can come to Portugal and live freely. For stays above 90 days you will need to register your stay with the local authorities.

It is an easy process and you will need to show proof of funds. Depending on the reason for your stay you might have to produce other documents.
If you are not retired, not coming to work or study, you still have to register your stay. In this case you will only need to show a
proof of funds and health insurance.

D2 visa independent professional activity or to immigrant investor (visa D2)
Independent professional activity: contract for services with a company or Contract/Proposal for services with clients.

D7 visa (retirees or passive living)
means of subsistence (first applicant 7620 euros per year, second 3810) higher income will mean a higher chance of getting the visa
housing (hotel, rent, purchase)
clear crime certificate

Student visa and residence permit:

Allows visa holder to work.
Tuition fee in Portugal is affordable, at a few thousand euros per year depending on which degree you will study.

Applying for a visa in your country. If approved, travel to Portugal and and acquire the residence permit through SEF.
you can also work with this visa in Portugal.

Portugal Goden Visa (Residence Permit for Investment)

Requirements: 500.000 Euros worth of real estate. In some cases 350.000 euros may qualify if the property requires renovations and is

approve for this lower tier by the government.

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