Malta citizenship by investment

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In this video we are talking about how to get a Malta citizenship by investment.

00:22 Introduction
01:28 Why Maltese citizenship by investment is so popular?
02:07 Benefits of having a Maltese passport
03:01 Which nationalities are the biggest participators in individual investment programme Malta
04:20 Individual investor program: financial statements
06:15 Malta citizenship cost: What is refundable and what is not
06:57 Malta citizenship by investment 2020: At what stage the money should be paid
08:00 Is it possible to rent the property out? Should it be a completed property or under construction?
09:26 Spouse and children: Who can go with the main applicant. If a couple is not married
12:13 How to prove that the parents and children older 18 years are financially dependent
13:32 Malta citizenship by investment: process
19:10 How long does a whole Malta passport application process takes
20:03 Are the clients required to stay during 12 months in Malta
21:26 Malta citizenship rejections
23:45 Passport by investment: does Malta allow a dual citizenship
24:15 Malta citizenship requirements for the main applicant
25:59 Malta IIP: Quota for application process
27:22 Why Malta passport? What is Malta’s economy based on
30:31 Malta Blockchain industry
32:55 Do the clients have to transfer all payments from the bank account of their country of residence?
34:05 Malta tax system and Malta global residence programme
38:04 Requirements for Malta residency

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