how he worked TWO JOBS LEGALLY in Korea E2 VISA

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Can you have a second job while working in Korea? Well, he did!

This is Randy and he worked two jobs in Korea – both teaching jobs at that and did it totally legally while on an E2 visa – these are the questions I asked him and timestamps:

What was your original job?: 0:42
How did you find a second job while in Korea?: (we talked about this throughout the first question in the end, not idividually)
What was the process of actually getting a second job legally?and do you have a timeline?: 5:47
How long did the process take of filing for the second job?: 10:38
What advice would you give anyone doing the same?: 11:38

Immigration Hotline: 1345

Documents you may need:
Integrated Application Form Number 34
Contract (2 copies)
Letter of Permission

Documents your employer needs:
Business License
Hagwon Establishment license
Teaching schedule (no more than 33%)
Employment Certificate

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