6 Different Ways to Come to USA OR Get PR/Green Card | 6 Ways How To Get Your Green Card to the USA

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6 Different Ways to Come to USA and Get PR/Green Card | 6 Ways How To Get Your Green Card to the USA video explains how you can come to USA Or get your Green Card by using below methods

What are the different ways to come to America? Student , Work Visa, Business visa and Family Based Immigration.
1) Student Visa — get your TOEFL/ IETLS , GRE , SAT, ACT done and then apply in any university for higher studies. After finishing your studies, apply for work visa and ask the Employer to apply for your green card after that.
More than one million international students are currently studying in USA. So there are good chances you will get the Student Visa.

2) Employment Base Green Card: Find a company who would love to hire you. Once they will apply for work visa and your work visa is approved, then you will be going to embassy and get your
work visa (H1 B) mostly for three years.
more than 200k people apply, only 85 k are provided the visa. If you have masters you have
extra chance to get it.

3) Family Base Immigration:
If your parents here are here and you can get if you are below 21. If you have sibling
then they can apply for you and it take 12-15 years for your turn to get green card.

4) Investment Visa – $500k to 1 Million. EB5– You can start your company. You need to provide
10 jobs, it take around 2 to 3 years.
5) Marrying some one.
6) DV Lottery – 50k green cards are provided, total 14.5 million applications.


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