How to get a Caribbean passport? Real Estate or Donation – which is better?

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Hello! My name is Anatoly Letaev, and I am the founder of Migronis.

This is Antigua, one of the countries that sells citizenship by investment, and in general there are 5 countries in the Caribbean whose passports you can legally buy for money. And, as a rule, in all these 5 Caribbean countries there are 5 options for obtaining citizenship.

Very often, clients ask the question: which of these options will be profitable for them and how risky / profitable it is to invest in Caribbean real estate? The first citizenship program appeared back in 1984. This was the Saint Kitts and Nevis program.

Then the program was adopted in Dominica in 1993. After that, already in 2013-16, the remaining 3 citizenship programs appeared in the Caribbean. But they became popular after 2010, when most of these countries received visa-free travel to Schengen, and it was during these years that development projects on the islands began to develop.

Therefore, in principle, the first projects that were launched under the Citizenship by Investment program are only 6-7 years old. If 3-5 years ago it was more popular to simply donate money to the state, now there is much more trust in real estate.

00:00 – Intro

00:21 – Options for obtaining Caribbean citizenship

01:28 – Costs of purchasing a Caribbean passport

03:16 – Pros and cons of donations and real estate investments

03:36 – Benefits of investing in Caribbean real estate

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