Interview with the Head of Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by investment Unit.

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There are 5 programs in the Caribbean where you can buy citizenship by investment.
Each has its own differences. For example, only Antigua requires you to fly to the island and spend 5 days there during the first 5 years.

It is also the most profitable program for a family of four. I am heading to a meeting now with the head of the Citizenship Agency in Antigua and Barbuda to share with you very interesting facts about the program and about the island in general.

“I can say that we have received about 2,500 applications to our program from investors. The Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship program has a 5% rejection rate and about 95% of applications reviewed have been approved. This way, about 5,000 people received Antigua and Barbuda citizenship through the program.

Our passport holders have the largest number of visa-free countries to visit in comparison to other Caribbean countries. People who are applying for citizenship by investment are looking for a way to be more mobile.

They want to be able to travel to any country without having to apply for a visa to each of those countries … ”

00:00 – Intro

00:33 – How many citizenship applications have been approved in the Antigua and Barbuda passport program

01:03 – What are the benefits of the Antigua and Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Program

03:57 – Are there any plans to change the program in the near future

04:31 – How many applicants choose real estate investments, and how much is a donation to the national fund

05:02 – How many projects are approved in Antigua for obtaining citizenship through the purchase of real estate

05:20 – How long does it take to obtain the Antigua and Barbuda citizenship

06:09 – Why the applicant may be denied participation in the passport program

06:50 – What is the percentage of immigrants from the CIS among applicants for citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda

07:21 – Tips for those seeking citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda
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