How to Apply for Residency in Portugal

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Hope you and your family are all staying healthy and safe during this uncertain time of Coronavirus! In this episode, we take you “behind the scenes” to our journey towards becoming residents of Portugal. We officially began the process in August 2019 by applying for our Visa in San Francisco, California. Then once in Portugal, Jen applied for the Residence Card. As of March 2020, Jen now has official residency! However, Justin and Jordan still await their appointment in July 2020 – almost 1 year after our journey began. The process has taken a lot of patience (and paperwork) but we are loving our life here so far.

• For Americans looking for more information on moving to Portugal, please check out the Facebook page:
We found some wonderful people and resources there to help guide us along the way.
• For the official SEF (Portuguese immigration) website:

We’re a small family embarking on a big journey – leaving behind life-as-we-know-it in California and searching for new daily adventures in Portugal and beyond. We’re diving outside our comfort and time zone and immersing ourselves in a new culture, traditions, cuisine, and (of course) playgrounds. We don’t promise to be perfect! But we do promise to meet interesting people, explore new cities, give a few tips, make lots of mistakes, and have fun along the way… And hopefully inspire you to embark on your own adventures both near and far. Every day is an adventure!

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