Interview with the Head of the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program

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An interview with Nestor Alfred, head of the St. Lucia Citizenship by Investment Program.

“For three and a half years of the program’s existence, we have issued about 600 passports.
At the legislative level, the process of obtaining citizenship takes 90 days. But we have worked hard to improve the data processing program. And now the citizenship approval process takes on average 54-56 days. It is also important to note that the refusal rate for our program is less than 1%.”

What, in your opinion, is the advantage of the St. Lucia program?

“I think that the main competitive advantage of the program is the price. If you compare us with other islands in the region, you will see that we have quite fair conditions for obtaining citizenship by investment. We offer a contribution of only $100,000 to the National Citizenship Fund.”

Find out more information firsthand from the video!

00:00 – Intro

00:13 – How many applications are approved under the St. Lucia citizenship program

00:56 – Citizens of which countries most often apply tof the passport program

01:15 – How long does it take to obtain the St. Lucia citizenship

01:56 – What is the percentage of refusals to applicants

02:11 – What are the main competitive advantages of the St. Lucia passport program

03:46 – How many applicants choose to invest in real estate, and how much is the donation to the National Fund

05:25 – Which properties qualify for investment in real estate: a share in a project or specific properties (houses, rooms, apartments)

06:02 – Economic situation in St. Lucia

06:55 – How frequent are cases of moving to St. Lucia after obtaining citizenship

08:23 – State of health, education and other social spheres of St. Lucia

11:02 – Are there any planned changes to the program in the near future

12:00 – Further development of the St. Lucia program

14:13 – Tips for those who want to obtain citizenship in St. Lucia

More information in the video!

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