What is a Green Card? Who is eligible for a USA Green Card?

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In this video, we will be going over what a Green Card is, who is eligible for a Green Card, and important details regarding applying for a Green Card.

What is a Green Card?

Attorney Menchaca, let’s talk about the permanent residence, or what they call the green card via family member.

I am aware that as a U.S. citizen you can apply for a family member to get a green card, what family members are eligible?

Ok, so like you’re a U.S. citizen, so for example you could apply for your spouse, husband or wife your children of any age your parents and your brothers and sisters.

Ok, and how long are these processes?

Some are pretty fast, and the other ones are super slow.

So the fast ones, if you apply for your spouse, your children who are under the age of twenty one or your parents, those processes are pretty fast, and by pretty fast I don’t really mean fast, I mean like six months to a year around there.

On the other hand there are the slow ones, and the slow ones can range anywhere between ten to twelve years to twenty-five years.

Ok, and that applies to your brothers and sisters and to children who are twenty-one years old or older.

Ok, and what about as a permanent resident, can you actually get a green card for a family member as a permanent resident?

Sure, so permanent residents can apply for US citizenship but suppose you haven’t done that yet and all you have is your permanent residence card, then at that point you can apply for your spouse, your husband or wife and for your children of any age so long as your children aren’t married.

Now your children can be divided into two groups, children who are under the age twenty-one and un-married, and children who are twenty-one years and older and un-married.

You can imagine that spouses tend to go a little faster, and then children under the age of twenty one and then the slowest ones are the children over twenty-one years and older who were un-married.

Thank you attorney Menchaca

Sure, my pleasure.


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