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They Cut the City in HALF! – Nicosia, Cyprus vlog

Whenever we go somewhere, we like to at least TRY to understand the culture, and Cyprus is a special case because the Capitol city...


Welcome to our first ever all inclusive resort stay in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. We are giving you a full tour of potentially the...

St. Lucia Resort Tour – Luxury Adults Only in Calabash Cove

Calabash Cove is an all inclusive resort in St. Lucia. This adults only boutique hotel near Castries hasa private plunge pool at our villa...

Caribbean Villa Tour – Stonefield Villas Resort | Saint Lucia

A room tour and highlights from Stonefield Estate Resorts on Saint Lucia. This Luxury Boutique Villa has astounding views of the Petit Piton and...

LOST IN…PARADISE?? + Hiking Greek Islands // Kea Island, Greece

Our hike to a beautiful cove and beach quickly went sour when we got lost on the island... Kea Island, Greece - June 2019 Be sure...

GREECE'S BEST KEPT SECRET ISLAND?? + Acropolis/Parthenon // Athens/Kea, Greece

We visited THE MOST touristed site we have ever seen, the Acropolis in Athens, Greece. From there we took a ferry to an amazing...

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