Rick Ross – Santorini Greece (Official Video)

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Official music video for ”Santorini Greece” by Rick Ross
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Half of my niggas headed to Attica
Either traffickin’ or destined to be a janitor
Diabetes rampant in my blood line
That why fat boy be happy to see the sunshine
I’m here for results, baby, let’s cut to chase
Sticky fingers and paper, D.A. will drop the case (Woo)
Art Basel with Lyor I blew 300 with ’em (Huh)
2 seaters for all the soldiers who runnin’ with ’em (Ahh)
Ask 100 women, yeah they wanna hit ’em
I be half awake and still be runnin’ in ’em (Woo)
Two new liter Sprite to get me through the night
Bowlin’ alley in the basement but we still shootin’ dice (haha)
Rich forever, killa take my old advice (Yeah)
Better yet, take my old bitches and mold ’em right (Talk)
And if I want her back, I come and take her back (Boss)
Santorini Greece, I put it on the map

#SantoriniGreece #RickRoss #RatherYouThanMe


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