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The University of Medicine and Health Sciences takes pride in the great faculty and staff that is associated with the Medical school. Each and every faculty member is highly qualified and genuinely wants to help every student attain their goal in graduating, obtaining an MD degree and matching into a residency

taking advantage of a shared structure on messenger RNA you can use a single primer to amplify every messenger RNA in the cell.

What I’m most proud about is the wonderful quality of our faculty.

The congenital heart diseases represent malformations or abnormalities with which an individual is born with.

This school only hires high quality educators who are experts in their field including MDs and PhDs this is the most student centered institution that I have ever taught.

That muscle right there is going to be the serratus anterior it’s going to come along it’s going to attach to the medial border of the scapula.

At UMHS highly credentialed faculty are recruited primarily from the United States. they come to St. Kitts from prestigious medical schools because they can dedicate all of their time to teaching and work in a small school environment.

when the key benefit is that we offer a small class size and lots of personal attention.

Since UMHS is not a research institution the faculty are able to dedicate 100% of their time to students. They are fully committed to the success of each and every student. watch your finger right behind the medial malleolus and see that you can feel the artery. yeah can you feel it now? yeah

And they have the advantage of having highly dedicated faculty who are not distracted by many many other demands on them. Are here to teach their master teachers. They love teaching.

Teaching is my passion it’s not my profession. I basically treat everyone as my own like you know, family and try to help them as much as possible in the class outside the class.

The methods these dedicated professionals use include traditional teaching and technology enhanced lecture format along with the personalized education made possible by a small student to faculty ratio. Faculty assisted tutoring for students requiring additional support on a given topic. Individual learning leveraging the extraordinary campus technology through the library and Learning Resource Center via a wireless environment on campus or at home. Each student has an academic advisor providing guidance throughout the process of becoming a physician and each student’s progress is monitored semester by semester so that extensive sources of counseling and tutoring can be provided to ensure success.

So my experience with UMHS has been has been quite fantastic they always told me that the faculty we’re amazing you know will vary one-on-one with the students and so that’s kind of what I came to expect and when I came here it wasn’t a letdown.

From advising on campus through the preceptor program in the innovative fifth semester UMHS students benefit from a uniquely personal approach to medical education that provides a strong foundation as they move on to clinical rotations and medical residency.

00:04 Teaching Excellence
00:36 Jane Harrington, PhD Course Director & Assistant Professor of Microbiology
00:19 Edwin Purcell, PhD Dean of Basic Sciences
01:11 Thomas Last, PhD Associate Dean of Basic Sciences, Dean of Student Affairs & Professor of Cell Biology
01:40 David L Felten, MD, PhD Associate Dean of Clinical Sciences
01:56 Prakash Mungli, MD Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, Chairman of Molecular Sciences Course, Director & professor of Biochemistry
03:29 Thivasa Rajogapal, MD UMHS Graduate
03:40 Merrie Oei, MD UMHS Graduate

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