Dr. Drew Must Cry Foul Now Before It's Too Late | Big Lice Wattley St. Kitts [June 28, 2022]

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Jamielah Johnson
It’s a horrible feeling! They haven’t a clue how frustrating especially driving from one state to another to catch your flight!

Drena Buchanan
Hi Duncan, good night. I’m watching. Hope all is well with u and family

Boyles Desiree
Dis America summer does fool me eno me ain’t even know it done 8 o’clock to how the sun still a show it’s face

Dyllisous Nicholls-Browne
I want to hear you say “Mark must go “.. you no want Timo but want push mark in a Nevis people face . That can’t work . All of them needs to go . Federation needs HEALING !!!!

Celine Tobias
Watching big up my good friend biglice

Tesslyn Mills
Duncan Biglice Wattley GOD is in control they just a waste the passport them cause labour gon win u gon say tesslyn say so

Zeke Percival
Come on out on Friday afternoon my people come on out for St kitts and Nevis the place we love so much

Diana John
Dr. Drew you can speak Spanish have a meeting with the plane load Timo brought in please 🙏

Annette Frank
Mr. Lice the Prison is a National Security Issue. It should have priority. If SNLP wins they will most certainly need it


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