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I have been getting lot of queries thru mail and messages to do a video regarding German Education

Today we are going to discuss the German Education System. A comparison between Germany’s Public and Private universities. Which is the best option. Who should try for Public and who should try for Private.

The main difference is that the Public universities are not having tuition fees whereas the Private university will be having tuition fees. This is because the German public universities are fully funded by the government and they bear the full expenses of public universities. Whereas in private it is funded by private entities. Hence they will be having tuition fees like other countries.
Admission criteria for Public University are very difficult and whereas the Private university is comparatively easy. Minimum 70-75% of marks required in previous education for admission in Public university and in Private the marks required might be around 50%
The admission process for Public universities may take around 2-3 months and whereas in Private universities max time will be around 2 weeks. This is because there will be a large number of students applying to public universities and they will give admission only to deserving students based on their academics.

Public universities are having mostly German programs and very few English-taught programs. Whereas Private universities mostly have English-taught programs. Most public universities will be having only a maximum of 15-20% of English-taught programs. It is to their English programs that the students from the rest of the world are applying for
IELTS might be mandatory for most Public Universities and IELTS not be mandatory for most Private universities. A medium of instruction letter is enough for most private universities.


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