US Immigration [MAY 2022]: Easiest Way To Get Your Green Card | Don't Wait For Years In the Queue.

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US Immigration [MAY 2022]: Easiest Way To Get Your Green Card | Don’t Wait For Years In the Queue.
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Hello, Welcome to US Immigration Updates.
The American Green Card has an aspirational quality to it. Immigrants worldwide queue up in visa lines for years to acquire one that officially makes them residents of the world’s biggest superpower – The United States of America. The USA is appealing for many reasons, including diversity, accessibility to opportunities, educational and infrastructural superiority, along with being the globe’s largest consumer market.
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Immigrants from all walks of life come to the United States to work, pursue an education, and build better opportunities for their family’s next generation.
Although Biden government has promised more but delivered less than expected but recently, we have been seeing some decisions which might help the many immigrants if they get executed on time.
While the American Dream attracts hundreds and thousands of immigrants who permanently relocate to the nation, only a few can acquire a green card quickly. There are typically three routes to securing a Green Card: Diversity Visa Program, which is immigration through the lottery; second, employment-based categories, which includes immigration through a job or Investment; and lastly, family-based categories that include visas for family unification.

While the diversity green card lottery is the simplest way, it requires a fair amount of luck. So, most of the immigrants take a different route and opt for Job-based or investment-based green cards. Individuals with special skills or education in America can get jobs on the H1B / L1 visa programs and then apply to become permanent residents. However, this route comes with its own set of challenges and long waitlists. Therefore, it is always advisable to measure the pros and cons.

Alternatively, Investment based visas like the EB-5 Visa are growing in popularity. While they require a hefty investment of a minimum of USD 800,000, it remains one of the most accessible, reliable, and fast ways of getting a green card. In exchange for the investment and creating jobs in America, applicants receive a permanent residency card for themselves and their families, including their spouse and children, as long as the children are minor and unmarried. Applicants can either invest directly in the U.S. economy or through a government-approved regional center.

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