Non-Traditional Medical Students – Medical School Admissions and Residency Advisors Reveal All!

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Non Traditional Medical Students
The University of Medicine and Health Sciences Vice President of Admissions, Marie McGillycuddy, and Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Patrick Mccormick, discuss all of the most pertinent topics concerning non-traditional medical students.

Marie and Patrick are true experts, and have a combined 50 years of experience coaching non-traditional medical students throughout their careers. They’ll discuss everything you need to know about the residency match process, challenges and opportunities for older medical students and how to apply to medical school as a non-traditional student.

Prospective students should understand that the University of Medicine and Health Sciences is one of the most friendly Schools of Medicine in existence for Non-Traditional medical students. Plus we have Patrick and Marie and their highly trained team members to help along the way!

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00:00 Non traditional medical students – admissions and residency advisors reveal all
00:02 Introduction of Marie McGillycuddy, Vice President of Admissions at UMHS
01:45 Introduction of UMHS residency expert Patrick Mccormick, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
03:13 Making sure medical students understand residency process
05:01 Can a non traditional student get a residency?
05:45 The path to a medical residency
06:50 Medical students and the residency rank order process
09:30 How non-traditional med students have advantages over traditional students
10:50 Marie McGillycuddy explains her path to becoming a Medical school admissions specialist
12:15 Why students go to Medical school in the Caribbean
14:50 Marie McGillycuddy explains her definition of traditional and nontraditional medical students
19:10 Will an advanced degree such as a Masters degree help my chances of getting into medical school and get a residency?
22.19 Why prospective medical students need to be able to answer “What’s your story”
24:14 What residency directors are looking for from medical students
27:00 How non traditional students have an advantage of getting into a residency program
30:54 Getting into Medical school at 28
37:33 What types of residencies should non traditional students consider?
40:38 What are some preconceived notions that non-traditional students have that should be dispelled?
48:57 How can prospective students contact UMHS?
52:20 Transparency for evaluating med students for residencies
56:08 Defining international medical graduates – IMGs


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