Touring real estate in Budva, Montenegro | Inside a €1,800,000 apartment in Dukley Gardens

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Welcome to the Budva Riviera and the Zavala Peninsula. In this video, we will tour a 2-bedroom apartment in Dukley Gardens Residence. Let’s see what you can buy for €1,800,000, walk through the apartments and appreciate the interior design and décor. Get a taste of living and discover the safe haven of Montenegro.

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00:00:00 Safe Haven in Montenegro
00:01:17 Dukley Resort in Budva, Montenegro
00:02:55 Citizenship by Investment and buying real estate for cryptocurrency
00:03:15 Architecture, landscape and interior design
00:03:58 Room tour of 2-bedroom apartment in Dukley Gardens
00:11:15 What €1,800,000 in Dukley Gardens
00:12:17 Private kindergarten and school
00:12:47 Dukley Gardens in summer
00:13:05 Further details about real estate in Montenegro

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I have lived and worked in Germany, Switzerland, the UK, the Czech Republic, Monaco, Israel, Portugal. I have a professional education and studied at LSE and Oxford University. Passionate about business immigration, real estate, funding, creating value, lending, DeFi, blockchain, marketing and business development.

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