Dr. Conrad Fischer on IMG Success and Memorable USMLE/Boards Teaching Methods

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Q1 – Tell us about Medquest?

What is your strategy?

Who do you typically work with?

Any crazy success stories?!

Any special discount for MAR members?

Q2 – Applicant Selection
– How to make up for missing USCE because of COVID?
– What do you look for in older graduates

– Gaps/interruptions clinical experience?
– Best ways to overcome multiple USMLE Step attempts?

– Best ways to overcome low scores?

– Caribbean vs non-Caribbean

– Red Flags – misdemeanors (worse..?), license revoked,

– Do you read follow-up emails regarding applicants – (complete applications, thank-you’s, request application status)

– “Aggressive applicants” – try to keep up communication with programs

– Calling program..?? Yay or nay…

– What are your thoughts on incorporating diversity in a residency program?

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Each list also comes complete with all kinds of information and features to help you pick programs such as:

In-depth program cards per individual program with the requirements, program contact information, additional program criteria comments from our phone calls with the program coordinators, and available Additional Information and Program Interview Feedback from past members

Compatibility Score – Gives each program a score out of 100 to show you the more compatible programs in your Customized List

Interview Link – Shows you programs that have interviewed members like you in the past

Additional Filters – There are filters for candidates with multiple attempts, don’t have their ECFMG certification or CS, programs past their deadline, etc.

Interview Manager – To help you keep track of any interviews you receive

Rank Assist – A new feature to help candidates brainstorm important factors for making ranking decision in January

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