Fastest Second Passport for Dual Citizenship & Your Plan B

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If you are looking for a second passport for dual citizenship to be an offshore citizen and speed is important to you, you will want to watch this video for the actual time frames we have seen. Visit or call +1-954-400-1050 Please “Like,” SUBSCRIBE: / Discount code “BG25” for $25 off a land trust or LLC and “BGTrust100” for $100 off of an asset protection trust. Call today and speak with one of our attorneys or consultants. US people are taxed on their worldwide income even if they are citizens of and/or live in another country. There is currently a portion of income that is not taxed if a US citizen lives abroad. Be sure to get advice from a licensed CPA before using the information herein for tax purposes. We also have attorneys on staff who may be able to give you legal advice in certain areas of the law as well if you need legal advice.

Insider’s Guide to Asset Protection

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