EB-5 Visa Investor Q&A with Michael Sears on Artists Row: Studio 3807 and The Artisan

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EB-5 Projects Q&A with the Managers of EB-5 Investment Projects. These live broadcasts allow for investors, attorneys and advisors to call in with questions for Managers of EB-5 projects regarding the status of the project, job creation, exit strategy, escrow, past and current visa approvals as well as repayment of principal. These discussions help foster much needed transparency in the industry and allow potential investors and their advisors the opportunity to ask the Managers questions directly, without having to go through agents, finders and promoters creating a more efficient and transparent marketplace.

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Artists Row (also known as Studio 3807 and The Artisan) will be a mixed-use community located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. The two buildings are being developed as part of a Public-Private Partnership (PPP) between the government of Prince George’s County, Maryland and Landex Development, LLC (Landex), a well-capitalized, 30 year old real estate development company that specializes in public-private partnerships (the “Developer”). Landex was selected by the government through a competitive process, over other development companies because of its experience, capitalization, and commitment to strong community partnerships.


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