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The University Of Medicine and Health Sciences is one of the top tier Caribbean Medical Schools that provides medical education modeled after the best US medical schools. In addition, they have small class sizes and faculty that are dedicated to helping you succeed. Potential medical school needs to pay attention to an important statistic that is seldom seen on other Caribbean Medical School websites and that is Retention Rate. Retention rate refers to the percentage of students that begin the medical program and then end up graduating and getting their MD. UMHS has an outstanding, best of class in the Caribbean 96%. Don’t be fooled by other large “big box” schools that always tout how many graduates they have. Look closely to find out the number of students that started the program and compare that to the number that actually finished. The number of graduates is not as important as the percentage that finished (Retention Rate) Don’t become a hidden statistic at other schools. Find out more about the tradition of excellence at UMHS.

00:18 Edwin Purcell, PhD Dean of Basic Sciences, Chair & Professor of Anatomy & Professor of Histology
02:03 Extended Basic Science Program Slide
02:12 Warren Ross, J.D. President
03:30 Courtney Jensen, MD Preceptor
03:47 Semesters 6-10 Slide
04:13 Justin Eagleston, MD UMHS Graduate
04:22 Kristen Duman, MD UMHS Graduate

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