Golden Residence Permit of Portugal – European Passport – Just 5 Weeks in 5 Years

obtain portugal golden visa

For me, the most amazing benefit of the Portuguese Golden Residence Permit is the absolutely nominal amount of time required to be spent in-country to go on to qualify for a European Passport.

It’s just a total of 5 weeks, in 5 years.

And compared to other countries’ immigration programmes which lead to citizenship in their own right, Portugal’s requirements really amount to absolutely nothing at all and are a clear indication as to how serious the government is in attracting your capital to their country.

And, the really good news is that you can easily accomplish all of the residency requirements over those 5 years leading to PR and then the extra year leading to citizenship, by planning your vacations in Portugal, quite possibly staying in your newly purchased home or apartment overlooking a fabulous beach.

By timing your trips there to coincide with the initial issue of the Golden Residence Permit, its subsequent extension (twice), the granting of your PR and then your citizenship, it’s possible to complete the entire exercise of acquiring a European Passport by staying in Portugal for a total of just 6 weeks, over 6 years across 5 separate trips.

And that’s it!

Oh, and you own a lovely piece of real estate in your own personal little corner of paradise too.


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