How to Renew Your Guyanese Passport: Guyana (Central Immigration and Passport Office)

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0:00 – Greeting
0:23 – Agenda
1:00 – Introduction
1:57 – Renewal Location
2:46 – Steps for Renewal of your expired Guyanese passport
4:34 – Filling out the Guyana passport renewal form step by step and with guidance
15:56 – Conclusion – Thank You

The Steps to renewing the Guyanese passport are quite simple. they are as follows:

1. Check the date of your passport to see if it’s nearing its date of expiration or if it has already expired.
2. Go to a near photo location to get a passport size picture.
3. Download or buy a passport form and complete it correctly. Attach the photo to the renewal application.
4. Go to the Central Immigration and Passport Office to submit your application. Pay for the renewal in the sum of GYD$6,000 (32-page passport) or GYD$10,000 (46-page passport).
5. Submit the application and wait the delegated day for you to uplift your new passport.

Link to PDF application.


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