How to Renew a Temporary Residence Permit in Bosnia at Tuzla City | Filipinka u Bosni

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I went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Tuzla to pass my required documents for the last renewal of my temporary residence permit which is valid for one (1) year. After I pass all the papers they gave me an Attestation letter that is valid for 60 days while waiting for the release of my permit. And after the release of the permit we gonna apply right away for the Permanent Permit so that I can apply for citizenship here in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am taking you a tour also in the snowy day of Tuzla City.
stranci u bosni. Filipinka se zbog ljubavi doselila u bosnu. Filipinka u bosni. Zbog ljubavi iz Filipina došla u Bosnu. Mješoviti brak


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