Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship, Antigua And Barbuda Citizenship By Investment

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• Call us on +91 8850318060 Or +91 9769323408
• Please send us an email: for a free brochure.
• CORNEREDGE offers help in processing of several GOLDEN VISA PROGRAMS to corporate and individuals for Citizenship-By-Investment & Permanent Residence, which cater to various countries including Dominica, Cyprus, Malta, Greece, Ireland, St. Kitts & Nevis, Portugal and Spain (EU Golden Visa).
• Contact us for a Free Evaluation & Consultation to discuss detailed Application, Procedure, Documentation and Cost Estimate.
• Obtain residency or citizenship in as little as 60-120 days.
• Corneredge operates through a network of business associates who are qualified immigration lawyers/certified immigration attorneys thus enabling our clients to access to immigration services for the above-mentioned countries.
• We at Corneredge aim to provide our customers with quality services.
• Trust, Confidentiality and Strong Professional Team is cornerstones to maintain and ensure the success rate in the processing of all immigration cases.
• Our aim is to establish a close working relationship with our clients and, provide them with an initial consultation with no cost or commitment, which will enable them to evaluate the nature and scope of their specific requirements.
• Our Evaluation Process includes
o Evaluating eligibility for visas/immigration
o Informing the client as to the most updated regulations
o Examining alternative visa options
o Offering optional strategies
o Assistance in locating all necessary documents
o Preparing and submitting the application to the proper authorities
o Working with the proper immigration authorities in the country of destination.

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